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Diwali in Andhra Pradesh


Diwali is one of the important festival of Andhra Pradesh. As we all know that the capital of Andhra Pradesh is Hyderabad which is Telgu-speaking state. India is a land of united states where every festival is celebrate with great enthusiasm and spirit.


Diwali celebrated for five days.


First Day of Diwali is known as dhanteras or yamdeepdaan. In Andhra Pradesh this festival is known as asweyuja bahula thrayodasi or dhanteran. On this day people buy new utensils and gold and silver items.


Second Day of diwali is known as Narkachaturdashi or kali chaudas is Andhra pradesh. The people of Andhra Pradesh worshipped God yam on this day to remove their fear from the demon narkasura. The people make a model of demon narkasura and burn it. After burning they look bath and burn crackers.


Third Day of diwali in Andhar Pradesh is known as kamudi mahastavam or balindra pooja. In the morning the people of Andhra Pradesh worship lord Krishna by offering oil. There is as old tradition of giving bath to buffalues on this day. At night people worship Goddess lakshmi,who is the goddess of wealth and prosperily.Children burn crackers on this days. Sweets and gifts are distributed on this day.



The Fourth Day of diwali is known as Bali padyam or Bali pratipada. On this day the demon king bali came to earth with his subjects, people eat kadi-rice and annakoot on this day.


The Fifth Day of diwali in Andhra Pradesh is known as Gorehabba or Yamadurtheya.There is an old story goes that God Yamraj mrited his sister Yamuna on this day. His sister requested the brother to save life of those people who took bath in the siver Yamuna on this day and he agreed.


Diwali In south Indian State in same villages there is tradition of playing with the cow dung. That's how they celebrate the festival of Diwali.





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