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Diwali in Kerala


Kerala is only on state in India where Diwali is not an important festival. The reason was that in Kerala their were very few business families. So they never knew the importance of this festival. But in some places of Kerala where Tamil, Bengali and many other North Indian people lives, Diwali festival is celebrated with great joy and fun.


The First Day of Diwali in Kerala where some people celebrate, is known as ‘ Asweyuja Bhaula Thrayodasi’ or Dhantrayodashi or ‘Yamadeepdann’ . On this day people buy new atensils and gold and silver items.


The Second Day of Diwali is known as ‘ Narkachatudashi’. In this festival God Yam is worshipped to remove their fear from demon Narakasura. On this day people make a paper model of denon Narkasura and burnt it. After burning they take bath and burst crackers.


The Third Day of Diwali is known as ‘Kamudi Mahostavam’ or Balindra Pooja’ or Karthigai Deepam’ or Thalai Deepawali’ . On this day people clean their houses and draw ‘kalams’ in front of the house and also place some lamps on it. People arranged big feasts .On this day people goto temples.


The Fourth Day of Diwali is known as Bali Padyam or Bali Pratipada. It is said that on this day demon king Bali came to earth with his subjects. For his remembrance this day is celebrated in Kerala.


The Fifth Day of Diwali is known as ‘ Yamaduitheya’ or ‘Bhatri Ditya’ . ‘Bhatri Ditya’ is one of the special occasion of broters and sisters and this day is observed as a symbol of their love and affection.


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