Bhai Dooj Date 2022: Bhai Duj or Bhau beej Story & Shubh Muhurat

Bhai Dooj Date 2022 – As we are discussing each day in detail, today we will discuss the final day of Diwali celebration – Bhai Dooj. The festival marks the relationship between brother and sister. We will shed some light on the story behind Bhai Dooj, Bahi Dooj 2022 Date and Shubh Muhurat. 

Bhai Dooj Story (Bhai Dooj Katha Kahani) 

Padwa is the first lunar day of sukl paksh. In the same way as is clear from its name dooj or the second lunar day of sukl paksh as per Hindu month. Bhaiya dooj or Bhai dooj means dooj dedicated to brothers means a day specifically on which sisters put kumkum or Haldi or Kesar Tilak on the forehead of their brothers on this day wishing for their long, healthy and successful life. This celebration also has so many stories behind it. These also we will tell you as per points of time.

Bhai Dooj Date 2022
Bhai Dooj Date 2022

The oldest one is like that. Surya the sun got married to Sangya. Sangya gave birth to twins. The boy child was named Yam and the girl child was named Varni. Sangya left Surya and left behind Chaya the exact replica. Chaya proved to be a very cruel mother and she shunted out both the children. As she threw them out of the house Verni fell on earth as Yamuna river and Yam was pushed more forcefully straight to Patal-the underworld and he became the king there. But both the brother and sister remained missing each other.

By the time Yamuna was married, Yama once planned to pay a visit to his sister’s house. On hearing this, Yamuna was so happy and excited that she arranged very well for the welcome of her brother. When Yama came to her house, she put a Tilak on his forehead and honoured him by showing him a lightning lamp and by offering so many sweets and delicious recipes. Yama was so delighted with such a warm welcome that he asked her to demand anything she likes to demand from him. Yamuna asked for a boon that every brother should have a visit to his sister’s house on this particular day. Since then the day is being celebrated as Bhaidooj.

It is also told that after the murder of Narkasur, Lord Krishana went to his sister Subhadra’s house. She welcomed her brother and put a mark of victory on his forehead in the shape of vermilion and honoured him by showing him a lightened lamp. Subhadra gave such a warm welcome to her brother that from that very day it turned into a tradition and is being observed till today.

One more story is associated with this celebration. It is said that when Bhagwan Mahaveer got nirvana, his brother Nandiverdhan was so much depressed that he even ignored the welfare of his kingdom and went into depression . At that time his sister normalised him and brought him out of depression. Since then sisters are observing this day as dedicated to their brothers.In this way Bhai dooj is not only a ceremony to be observed only by putting tilak on brother’s forehead but it reflects the rich Indian culture which gives due respect to relations , which brings relatives nearer. It may be called with different names in the different states or societies but the main theme after this celebration is the same.

Bhai Dooj Date 2022: When is Bhai Duj or Bhau Beej?

Bhai Dooj Date 2022 – The holi day of Bhai Dooj will be celebrated on 26th October 2022. The celebration includes brother visiting sister’s home and sister welcoming brother with tilak and sweets. 

Bhai Dooj 2022 Shubh Muhurat (Bhai Dooj Tilak Timings)

Shubh Muhurat is an auspicious time for that day. In India, muhurat has a significance when it comes to any puja or vidhi. Let’s check out the Bhai Dooj 2022 Shubh Muhurat or Bhai Dooj Tilak Timing.

Bhai Dooj Tilak Timings: from 14:44:32 to 15:26:48

In 2022, the Shubh muhurat for Bhai Dooj is from 2:44:32 PM to 15:26:48 PM. This means these 42 minutes will be auspicious minutes for the day.

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