Can We Wear Black On Diwali?

Can We Wear Black on Diwali – Cultural and religious diversity in India provides unique identity to India. Different festivals are celebrated with different names and different ways throughout India, but, Diwali is the only festival, which is celebrated all over India with the same style and same passion.

However, as the time has changed, the ways to celebrate Diwali has also changed, but it’s essence has not. During winter season, Diwali occurs in the month of October – November  every year. Due to it’s spread, nature and long duration, Diwali is said to be the king of the festivals. Generally, Diwali is celebrated for 4-5 days.

The Diwali Days

As Indian culture puts an emphasis on symbolism, each day of Diwali is celebrated as a symbol of memory. Vasu Baras, the day before first day of Diwali is celebrated to offer symbolic respect towards cow, specifically calf, whereas, The first day of Diwali Dhanateras is celebrated to seek blessings of Duaneantri – the God of Health. Lakshmipujan means worshiping Goddess Lakshmi – the Goddess of Wealth. Bhai Duj represents the bond between brother and sister, whereas Padwa represents the lovely bond of love between husband and wife.

Can We Wear Black On Diwali
Can We Wear Black On Diwali

The Celebration

The main concept behind celebrating Diwali is to enlighten the life with happiness and prosperity. This is done by enlightening lamps inside as well as outside of home. Making sweets at home and serving to the near and dear ones tights the bond among families, relatives and well wishers. Cracking fire crackers makes to enjoy the scenic beauty. Diwali is the festival, celebrated to spread happiness, prosperity, enrichment of life and joy.

Symbolic Aspect of Black Colour

As far as Hindu culture is concerned, the black colour is considered as the symbol of protest, sadness, darkness and relevant to the dark side of the life, whereas the idea behind celebrating Diwali is to remove or vanish darkness and sad thing in life. Each day of Diwali offers tribute or symbolic remembrance to the God or Goddess. Hence, the festival is considered as the symbol of joy, happiness, wealth, health and prosperity.

Can we wear black on Diwali?

It is better to avoid black colored clothing to wear on the auspicious occasion of Diwali. As the symbolic representation of black colour conceptually contradicts with the objective of celebrating Diwali, it is better to avoid wearing black colored clothing. In fact, one can avoid dark colors, as they represent dominance, and darker side of life.

Mostly, during Diwali, men, women and kids wear traditional or ethnic wear. One has to avoid black colored traditional or ethnic wear, saree, lachha, etc.

Due to the symbolic significance, and the climatic need, it is permissible to wear black colored clothing in India, only during Makar Sankranti. So, the final word is “one can not wear black on Diwali.”

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