Diwali 2022 Dates, Kab Hai, Kalnirnay & Shubh Muhurat

Diwali 2022 Dates – Diwali (Hindi: दीपावली, Tamil: தீபாவளி, Telugu: దీపావళి, Malayalam: ദിപാവലി, Gujarati:દિવાળી) is popularly known as the festival of lights. Diwali is the most awaited festival which falls somewhere in October-November.

If you are in India, then Diwali is the biggest festival celebrated in the country. In a country with over 1.3 billion population, Diwali is celebrated across all religions. The tradition of celebration may differ a bit from religion to religion, but Diwali is a time of celebration across the country. 

Diwali 2022 Dates
Diwali 2022 Dates

Deepawali/Diwali 2022 Dates: साल 2022 में कब है दिवाली?

Diwali 2022 is on the 24th of October, Monday. 

Karthik Amavasya Tithi Timing: October 24, 5:27 pm – October 25, 4:18 pm

Pradosh puja time: October 24, 5:50 pm – October 24, 8:22 pm

When is Diwali 2022?

Well, Diwali is a festival of 5 days. Starting with Dhanteras, Diwali ends with Bhai Dooj. In 2022, Dhanteras will be celebrated on 23rd October while the Bhai Dooj tradition will be on 27th October. Not all 5 days are celebrated all over the country but Diwali (Also known as Lakshmi Puja or Choti Diwali) which falls on the 24th of October is celebrated in all parts of the country. Check out the complete Diwali 2022 Calendar given below.

Diwali 2022 Calendar – All 5 Days of Diwali 2022

Day 1 Dhanteras 23rd October, Sunday
Day 2 Naraka Chaturdashi 24th October, Monday
Day 3 Lakshmi Poojan 24th October, Monday
Day 4 Govardhan Puja 26th October, Wednesday
Day 5 Bhai Dooj 27th October, Thursday

Diwali 2022 Shubh Muhurat & Amavasya Tithi Timings

Any festival in India is celebrated according to the Hindu calendar with Tithi and shubh Muhurat. Shubh Muhurat is an auspicious time that is best suited for any puja. So here we will have a look at Diwali 2022 shubh muhurat and Amavasya tithi timings.

Sunrise 24 October 2022 06:31 AM.
Sunset 24 October 2022 05:50 PM.
Amavasya Tithi Starts 24 October 2022 05:27 PM.
Amavasya Tithi Ends 25 October 2022 04:18 PM.
Pradosha Puja Time October 24, 05:50 PM – October 24, 08:22 PM

Diwali Dates From 2022 to 2032

Here we are sharing the Diwali Dates for the next ten years, i.e. from the year 2022 to 2032. 

2022 Monday, 24th of October
2023 Sunday, 12th of November
2024 Friday, 1st of November
2025 Tuesday, 21st of October
2026 Sunday, 8th of November
2027 Friday, 29th of October
2028 Tuesday, 17th of October
2029 Monday, 5th of November
2030 Saturday, 26th of October
2031 Friday, 14th of November
2032 Tuesday, 2nd of November

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