7 Eco Friendly Ways to Celebrate Diwali at Home 

Eco Friendly Ways to Celebrate Diwali at Home – Indian festivals are the best representatives of cultural diversity of India. Diwali is celebrated all over India during winter. Diwali, being the king of the festival, gets celebrated to offer symbolic tribute and respect to different aspects of society. 

Though there are different methods to celebrate Diwali, as the region changes, the main focus is to strengthen integrity between environment and human being. For this reason, celebrating Diwali in eco friendly manner has become the need of the hour. Let us discuss the significance and 07 simple ways to celebrate eco-friendly Diwali. 

Why Eco Friendly Diwali? 

As Diwali is celebrated all over India in different manners, the modernised ways cause different types of pollution, which cause harm to the entire ecosystem. Enlightening artificial lights consume lots of electricity and consume natural resources like oil. If they are made up of plastic, Plaster of Paris, the toxic chemicals make it harmful. Burning firecrackers increases sound and air pollution. This completely contradicts with the reason behind celebrating festival. Hence, it is important to celebrate Diwali in echo friendly manner. 

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Eco Friendly Ways to Celebrate Diwali at Home
Eco Friendly Ways to Celebrate Diwali at Home

7 Eco friendly ways to celebrate Diwali at Home

Enlighting Eco Friendly Lamps – 

Eco friendly lamps are made up of pure soil, or the substances, which do not cause harm to the environment. The material used to make those lamps can either be easily destroyed or be recycled. 

Avoiding consumption of traditional Electricity –

The enhanced embedded technology has came up as boon for the human being. The lamps, which use solar power or less consumption of fuel and electricity can also be used as the way to celebrate Diwali in eco friendly manner. 

Use of LED –

Use of LED (Light Emiting Diode) technology reduces consumption of electricity reducing the wastage of power. It also runs for a longer duration. 

Eco Friendly Decoration –

As in many parts of India, there is a large amount of home decoration and fort preparation, the material used for their decoration can be eco friendly. It means, we have to avoid plastic, thermocol, chemical based things, etc. 

Avoiding burning firecrackers – 

As burning firecrackers is the biggest source of sound, as well as air pollution, we can avoid burning it. It also harms the environment. So, avoiding firecrackers means protecting the environment. 

Gifting Eco friendly gifts – 

As a tradition and to enhance bond between families, it is common to gift eatables or sweets or usable things to the relatives, well wishers, on the occasion of Diwali. 

We have to make sure the gift, its packaging is made up from recycled or eco-friendly things. 

Enhancing Distribution of surplus clothes, food to needy people – 

It is common that there is surplus clothing and foodstuff purchased during and for Diwali. We can become Robin Hood, and distribute the excess food, used clothing and gifts to the needy part of the society, so that it will be used and consumed in the proper manner. 

After all, the objective of celebrating Diwali is to strengthen the bond between nature and human beings.

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