Diwali Activities: 6 Ways to Prepare For Diwali Celebration

Diwali Activities: Ways to Prepare For Diwali Celebration – India is a country of festivals and festivals are celebrated throughout the year. The festivals are the opportunities for making fun and enjoying the days. People enjoy the festivals in their own ways. Diwali is the grand festival of India and almost all the people of India celebrate this festival irrespective of their religion. But all have their own meanings and way of celebration. 

Diwali is the biggest festival in India and the people prepare for this festival 10-15 days prior to it. Today we will share a few ways to prepare for the Diwali celebration. 

Ways to Prepare For Diwali Celebration
Ways to Prepare For Diwali Celebration

Diwali Activities: 6 Ways to Prepare For Diwali Celebration

Here are a few simple things to do at home which will prepare you for Diwali 2022.


Although cleanliness is not fun making activity but it is a very important activity performed by people on the occasion of Diwali. As Diwali is also celebrated to please Goddess Laxmi, the Goddess of wealth and prosperity who likes cleanliness, the importance of cleanliness is worthwhile. People clean their houses, throw out the old scrap and do whitewashing to give their house a new look.


This is the activity performed with great enthusiasm. On Diwali, everyone wants to decorate his/her house best. To please the goddess Laxmi so that she enters the house, people decorate their houses using their own innovative ideas. They hang Vandanvar on the main entrance gate. Use colorful ribbons of paper for decorating the walls both from the inside and outside. In India, flowers are the backbone of every decoration. No decoration is complete without them. On Diwali, people use flower garlands for decorating the entrance of the house from where the Goddess would enter the house. The strings of flowers are used to hang on the walls to give the house the look of a bride. These flowers are also used to decorate the puja room and living room where people attend to their guests.

Rangoli making:

Rangolis are the traditional geometrical designs that are drawn on the floor of the main entrance. These designs are made using different colors. People also create Rangolis at the puja place to please the Goddess. These rangoli designs are considered very auspicious and lucky.

Making Crafts:

Making crafts from useless materials is an art. People who have an innovative mind use their ideas for making different crafts for home decoration. People also make designer diyas at home that serves both the purpose of decoration as well as the purpose of illumination.


In India, none of the festivals go without eating special dishes. Women on Diwali cook special dishes for the family, as every festival seems to be incomplete without a good meal. Different people cook different dishes according to their traditions and taste but everyone cooks something different from their regular meal. For example in north India people cook Puri Chhole, Kheer, Dahi vada etc. Some people don’t like sweets from the market, therefore, they cook even sweet dishes like Rasgulla, Gulab jamun and Laddoo, etc at home. Indian women have special skills in cooking.

Shop for new outfits:

Diwali is the time to get new outfits. Not just time, but its is one of the perfect ways to prepare for Diwali celebration. Who would you like to wear or see in last year’s outfit? There will be various deals and offers online as well as offline during the Diwali season. So it’s the right time to grab this opportunity and get new traditional wear for Diwali.

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